The Pre-Engineered Building system (PEB) idea was first implemented in the USA after the World War II, as one of the solutions to the demand of fast economic growth (and then transferred the concept to industrialized countries). PEB system is a structure that consists of pre-designed, pre-fabricated component that are combined together and assembled structurally. Helps of computer assisted design to create a structure for specific use or unique as customer need.

Defining a PEB Building :
Pre-set methods for connecting and welding (standardized connections).
Utilization of pre-determined stock sizes.
Optimized design, detailing and fabrication, resulting in most economical (lower weight) and fast delivery (reduced engineering and fabrication time).


The PEB system offers multiple returns to the end-user; the most notable are low initial investment, fast construction time, low maintenance cost, large clear spans, infinite choice of layout, inherent resistance to earthquakes, ease to expansion and unique attractive appearance.

PEB Advantage

PEB (Pre-engineered buildings) have lots of advantages. First of all they are over all low cost. Itís easy to use their structural members. Secondary parts allows overlapping and foundation is lighter.

Pre-engineered buildings have a high design quality. Welding is making and controlling by professional welders. All materials using on pre-engineered buildings have to matched and because of this only standard material can be used. All materials are designing on a quality plan. Buildings are preparing in a short period and controlling in standards. A pre- engineered building carries all characteristics of steel buildings. Itís lifetime usable and very strong. It may resist to a big storm or earthquake.

The special features of PEBs are:

  •     Turnkey Solutions
  •     Consistent & Superior Quality
  •     Savings in Construction Time
  •     Reduction in project cost
  •     Suitable for varied projects
  •     Flexibility in expansion
  •     Low maintenance
  •     Energy efficiency
  •     Architectural versatility
  •     Seismic Resistant

PEB Application

PEB System is since long a standard in commercial and industrial market segments such as warehouse, distribution centers and industrial facilities are continuing to make greater inroads into the low-rise sophisticated building market, Commercial office buildings and mixed use facilities. Institutional and governmental constructions are some of the areas where PEB building systems are being used more and more. These buildings are increasingly recognized as reliable, aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient and cost-effective building alternatives. The sustainable green attributes of metal building systems with their recycled content recycle-ability makes them a natural choice for todayís owners and specifiers.

We produce a range of steel buildings such as:

  •     High Rise
  •     Shopping Centers
  •     Showrooms
  •     Office Residential
  •     Multistoried Building
  •     Supermarkets
  •     Warehouses
  •     Cold Stores
  •     Aircraft Hangers
  •     Factory Building
  •     Hospital and etc.

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