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We offer to our clients pre-engineering building accessories as per their requirements.

There are many good reasons to insulate in PEB structure. Insulation helps lower total building energy consumption, creates greater comfort levels for the building occupants and can reduce HVAC equipments.

We offer various types of insulation material for insulating. These are resin bonded fibre glass, mineral wool insulation blankets under metal roof sheets and on the side walls. This system has the property of acoustic absorption also.

We provide natural roof lighting system which is must good working conditions with no electricity cost giving huge added benefits.

  • Polycarbonate Sheets: Polycarbonate transparent roof glazing sheets made of best quality Lexan polycarbonate sheets from GE Plastic matching to all our profile having excellent light transmission B/w 50%-92% depending on thickness.
  • FRP (Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastic) Sheets: FRP sheets are transparent sheets available in various thickness in required lengths and matching all our Profiles.

BEL offer Personal Single Swing, Sliding and Roll-Up Doors for large openings PEB structure. Personal Single Swing Doors are used for personnel entry and out from the structure when the main door like Sliding or Roll are closed. Standard sliding doors slide horizontal in one direction whereas the leaves of double sliding doors slide in opposite direction.

BEL offer aluminum horizontal sliding windows are virtually maintenance free and come in various sizes. Each window includes a latch, half screen and weather stripping with either insulated or non-insulated glass.

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