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Finish Project
Spinning Mills
  • Yasmin Spinning
  • Front Line Spinning Mills Ltd.
  • B.R. Spinning Mills Ltd.
  • Sungrah Spinninng Mills Ltd.
  • Aman Spinning Mills Ltd.
  • Russel Spinning
  • Bhai Bhai Spinning.
  • Bashar Spinning
  • Prime Rotor Spinning Mill
  • Zubair Spinning Mill
  • Malek Spinning Mills Ltd.
  • Karim Spinning Mills Ltd
  • RM Cotton
  • Aegis Cotton Mills Ltd.
  • Tania Cotton and many more...
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Textile Mills
  • Zerba Textile
  • Noman Textile
  • Alhaj Karim Textile Mills Ltd.
  • Niagara Textiles Ltd.
  • Ismail Textile
  • Noman Home Textile
  • Unifil Textile Mills
  • Talha Fabrics
  • Ismail Anjuman Fabrics
  • A-One Dyeing Finishing
  • Sinha Yarn Dyeing
  • Prolexus Lotus Kamal
  • Noman Weaving Mills Ltd.
  • Noman Sizing & Warping
  • Faridpur Towels Ltd
  • Zerba Nice Denim and many more...
Garments Industries
  • Noman Composite
  • Asia Composite Mills Ltd.
  • Comfit Knit Composite Ltd.
  • Knit Concern
  • Delta Accessories Ltd.
  • Uttra Knitting
  • Stylo Fashion
  • Tex Europ BD Ltd.
  • Reedisha Knitex Ltd.
  • Megatex Knitters Pvt. Ltd.
  • Redisha Knitex
  • Mosharraf Composite and many more...
Ware House
  • Cargo Village
  • K & T Logistics
  • Aktel Bangladesh
  • Dhaka Ware House Ltd.
  • Samrat Packing
  • Rahimafrooz Globatt
  • Knit Concern Chemical Ware House
  • ACI Company Ltd.
  • CMTD Dhaka Cantonment
  • USTC, CHITTAGONG and many more...
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Food Industries
  • Fu Wang Food Ltd.
  • Akij Food and beverage
  • Deshbadhu Suger Mills Ltd.
  • Square Consumer Products Ltd.
  • Akij Sack Plant and many more...
Commercial and Multistoried Building
  • Beximco Independent TV (10 Storied)
  • Square Pharmaceutical (Unit-3)
  • Rangs Office Complex
  • Santa Glass House
  • Basundara Corporate House and many more...
Power Plants
  • Shahjibazar Power Co. Ltd.
  • Desh Energy
  • ENERGYPAC 100MW Power Plant.
  • Dutch Bangla Power Plant.
  • Orion Power Plant.
  • New Horipur 360MW Power Plant.
  • Sinha Power Plant
  • ...
Ceramic Industries
  • Great Wall Ceramics Ltd.
  • Dhaka Shangai Ceramics Ltd.
  • RAK Ceramics Ltd.
  • Monno Ceramics Ltd.
  • Great Wall Ceramics Ltd.
  • Akij Ceramics
  • Index Ceramics
  • Target Fine Ware Ind. Ltd. and many more...
Other Industries
  • Faridpur Jute Fiber Ltd.
  • Akij Jute Mills Ltd.
  • Premiaflex Plastic Ltd.
  • Bengal Plastic Ltd.
  • F.B. Shoe Factory Ltd.
  • Nasir Glass Industries Ltd.
  • Dubai Steel
Other Industries
  • Motaher Paper Mills Ltd.
  • Divine Group of Industries
  • Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd.
  • BSRM
  • Pran RFL
  • RAK Paints and many more...
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