Ventilation System :
If you are bearing in mind a POEB structure for your next infrastructural project, than you are probably understand the need of sufficient ventilation is necessary. The optimum amount of ventilation for PEB structure depends on it size, shape, location and purpose. Standard rule of ventilation will serve 2400 square feet of interior space. Keep in mind that a good ventilation system requires cross ventilation. As example a ridge ventilator on the roof needs a lover near the floor to become really effective. Buildtrade Engineering Ltd. Offers the three most common accessories used to ventilate PEB structure ridge ventilator, circular ventilator and lovers.

BEL Ridge ventilator

We offer 10’ ridge ventilators with 9” and 12” throats. Roll-formed from 26-gauge structural-quality GALVALUME(R), the vents are available in mill finish or Polar White. Each comes complete with rain cap, bird screen and continuous-adjustable damper as well as the connector bar gutter splices needed for installing multiple units in a continuous run. The base is performed to the proper roof pitch (1:2 up to 4:12), and we provide instructions for their simple installation.
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BEL Circular ventilator

BEL’s 20”-diameter circular ventilators are also made from 26 gauge GALVALUME(R) and available in mill finish or Polar White. Each ventilator includes a bird screen and features a spring-loaded butterfly damper which locks securely open until released. Our flat-base ventilator’s can easily be field modified to fit the appropriate roof slope for weather tight installation.
BEL Louvers

Although best used to generate cross flow for larger devices, louvers often provide the only ventilation in smaller buildings. We offers fixed 3’x3’, 3’x4’ and 4’x4’ or adjustable 3’x5’ and 4’x4’ GALVALUME (R) louvers in Polar White or mill finish, each with bird screen, 18- gauge frame and 20-gauge fins.